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About me

Hi! I'm Jerrydotpy, I'm a programmer just like most of the people visiting this website. My favorite language is Python, I dislike java. I play chess and you find my account here. I enjoy making discord bots but I don't have any bots that is verified so I'll trying to find people who can do code a discord bot in python (discord.py)

My Contributions/Projects

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Coding Bot v6

Coding-Bot-v6 is a community bot designed to assist and support programmers within our coding community. It is the sixth version of our bot and offers advanced features and enhancements. The bot provides code-related help, suggestions, snippets, and fun.

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This is an API Wrapper for Discord's API for Python! We've decided not to fork discord.py and start completely from scratch for a new, better structuring system!

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This is bot a for the Tech Struck server. Tech Struck is a discord server where developers, designers and just about everyone struck with curiosity on tech unite together as a community!